Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thai Tea

I love Thai food and one of my favorite things to get when I get Thai food is Thai tea. It's sweet and delicious and has the beautiful orange color. I just love it. I decided to look up how to make it and it is based off of a drink mix. Pantai mix seems to be one of the more popular options so I found it on Amazon for $7.40/lb. 

There are instructions on the back that are very simple, add to boiling water, strain add dairy of choice. I searched online for how long to let it sit and discovered that there's a little bit more to making it right than the back seemed to imply.

The secret is to boil the water, add the mix and sugar and allow to boil for 3 minutes, then steep for about 30 minutes. I made four cups of tea so I needed 1 cup of mix and about 3 quarters of a cup of sugar. The ratio is four tablespoons for each 8 oz of water. 

After it had set I strained it through a strainer several times, first I poured some from pan into measuring cup, then again through the strainer into a glass, one more time through the strainer back to the measuring cup and then poured into a bottle. If you have cheesecloth you can do one pass but there hasn't been any noticeable sediment. 

I usually would use sweetened condensed milk as my dairy of choice but I didn't have any on hand so I used a small amount of cream. 

All that's left is to stir it up to create that perfect orange color. It tasted just the restaurant I was super excited that I decided to figure out how to make this. Its so much cheaper than getting it out and now I can have it all the time!! 

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