Saturday, May 23, 2020

LUSH Flight bath bomb review

I love, love, love LUSH's bath bombs the smells are enveloping and the after effects in the water are great but my favorite part is the show when the colors are swirling into the bath and developing. I've been ordering online during the pandemic and its taking about 3 weeks to get an order. They go through phases where lots of things are out of stock and then they will come back in. You can submit your email to be notified when your product is back. I had to do that with the Twilight body spray I bought and when they notified me they had a bunch of bath bombs back as well.  Since the bath is my happy place I've been indulging a little more to get me through this time.

I tried Flight for the first time. I don't remember seeing it in store and I usually don't buy things I haven't smelled but unique times are making me try new things. This bomb is beautiful in color with swirls of purple, blue and green and some salt flakes on top. I love multicolored bombs cause they usually give a great show. Its highly textured and of moderate size. The smell is described as citrusy-sweet its made up of Sicilian red mandarin and bergamot oils. I tend to really like bergamot so I figured this would be a safe bet. There is a hint of geranium oil as well but it is in no way overpoweringly floral. I don't really like the floral scents and try to avoid them. There is also coarse sea salt to help soften skin. The smell was gorgeous and lingered in the bathroom after my bath.

The show was very pretty with blue, purple and green swirls. The foamy color didn't cover the entirety of the tub but it was decent sized and it left the water a beautiful bright blue with sparkles.
I always video the bomb when I put it in the water I find watching the videos so relaxing and I can go back and remember which ones I really like. Of course now that LUSH released so many new bath bombs I can keep trying new ones without having to repeat. I still get a few old favorites some times like Intergalactic or Dragon's Egg. Which were some of the first ones I got and totally fell in love with. 

 When I get the heavily glittered bombs I love playing with the water after and watching the glitter swirl and move in the water. The absolute best bath bomb I ever had for glitter in the water was one they released for Mother's day this year Blazin' Bad Zula it was yellow and purple spotted and it left the water this amazing deep, dark purple with gold glitter swirls. I loved it so much I bought two more afterwards. I might write a review about it but its currently unavailable and might not be coming back since it was seasonal. So hopefully it returns and I can share the magic with all of you. But this pretty blue and silver glitter was pretty fun as well. My favorite part is even though there is clearly so much glitter I just have a quick rinse in the shower after and I'm never noticeably sparkly like if I were to use a glitter lotion or anything.

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