Sunday, May 24, 2020

LUSH saved my face!

I first went to LUSH because my sister wanted to try a bath bomb. I picked out the Dragon's Egg, found it interesting and loved the smell but decided it was an experience I didn't need to pay for again. But I kept being interested in it and looking at their catalog and stuff. I learned that it was a company from the UK and thought they might actually have products that were designed to help reduce the redness in my skin. I went in to the store and talked to them and they listened to my concerns and recommended a variety of products to help my situation I asked if they had samples cause my skin is stupid and hates everything I put on it and they totally hooked me up. My addiction began in that exchange. The idea that I could try out a beauty product before I bought it made the idea of shopping for things so much more interesting. I have always had a full shower and under sink of products that I don't like but can't make myself throw away. That was 2 years ago and I've never looked back. I've been converting everything I use over to LUSH now and my skin, and my hair have never been happier. So here are the magical products that have saved my face.

Fresh Farmacy

This product used to be in a large bar of soap that was cut to order and now it is pressed into individual portions with a cute little design on top. I was scared to order this new version because many of the reviews were poor and said that it had changed and didn't work the same. That has not been my experience. I ordered my Fresh Farmacy  online in mid March and I get plenty of lather from it and the same results. This a soap designed for sensitive skin. Fresh Farmacy  has chamomile, rose and lavender, tea tree and calamine powder. Its designed to calm, soothe dry patches, and keep skin clean and clear. It does exactly what it promises. My skin is never happier than when I use Fresh Farmacy  in my daily routine. I struggled to use it at first because I don't like wetting my face to wash it. I learned to wet my hand and then rub the soap on my hand and put the lather on my face and it works much better for me that way. I then wipe it clean with a wet washcloth. The skin feels a little bit  tight immediately after washing but that's what moisturizer is for. I prefer to use this soap in the morning. In the shower I will use Aqua Marina in the winter and spring and Herbalism in the summer and fall as my skin is more acne prone in the warmer months and drier in the cooler months. If I'm washing my face at the sink at night I will either use Fresh Farmacy or Sleepy Face.

One of the things that people don't realize is that when they switch to natural products there can be a period of purging of the skin while it acclimates. When ever I stop using Fresh Farmacy and start up again I will see a few blemishes, when I first started using it I noticed that the redness was gone and my skin looked better even though I was getting lots of zits. I read online and discovered that this purge was a thing and decided to stick it out I am so glad that I did. It's totally worth it. 

Tea Tree Water

This is a toner designed for oily skin. I've always been fond of toner as I have stupid combination skin that is super dry and yet oily and acne prone at the same time. After using LUSH's moisturizers though I've discovered the true godsend that is Tea Tree Water. After washing my face I put a few spritzes of this on my face and then I can use the most minimal amount of moisturizer to actually work on my incredibly dry face. So not only does it help to balance my skin and keep my acne at bay but it lasts for a good 6 months or so and works to make the moisturizer last longer saving me money at the same time. Thank you Tea Tree Water you do so much for me.

You may have noticed that my bottle has a white sprayer. With all the things that LUSH does incredibly well the spay nozzle is not one of them. So I swapped it out with the sprayer from and old bottle of All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay. (Another love of my life, and godsend product)

Grease Lightning

This is a gentle spot treatment that works to reduce acne without drying your skin out like salicylic acid and it doesn't discolor everything it comes in contact with like the benzoyl peroxide stuff. It works really well.  Its a thin clear gel made of thyme, tea tree and rosemary. It also has aloe vera and grape juice in it. I swipe it across my whole chin and then spot treat any other problem areas like my temples.I use it everyday in the morning because I can't stop my self from resting my chin in my hand no matter how hard I try to be aware of it and I always break out like crazy from it.
The pump on this is super sensitive and just a tiny bit of product goes a long way give it a really, really gentle pump to get just a little bit out. If you press it all the way down you can cover your whole face and share some with a friend.

Imperialis/ Skin Drink

My skin is finicky it likes to pretend that its dry and dehydrated af (no matter how much water I drink) but if it gets too rich of a moisturizer in the spring/summer it'll go into grease overload and I'll break out. So I have two regular moisturizers in the fall and winter I'll use Imperialis in the morning and Skin Drink at night. In the spring/summer I just stick with Imperialis for both am and pm. 

Imperialis is a medium weight moisturizer designed to soothe the skin. Its designed for most skin types to ease and soothe irritations. It has lavender to help balance the skin and orange blossom water to brighten dull skin. It smells lightly floral but not overwhelming and I'm super sensitive to floral scents. This is a great moisturizer and it really helps to balance my skin.
Skin Drink is LUSH's richest moisturizer and is totally amazing for dry skin. My mom has the worst dry skin and she loves this product so much. It has rose petal extract, avocado and aloe vera to moisturize skin. Evening primrose, neroli and rose oils help with skin texture and make you glow. It has an earthy almost tahini like smell but it doesn't linger after its on. I swear by this in the winter but as soon as the California heat cranks up my skin is like nope now I get super oily and I switch back to the Imperialis. 
I mentioned when I was talking about the Tea Tree Water that it helps me to use the smallest amount of moisturizer. I simply take two fingertips on each hand and lightly dab them onto the top of the lotion then I rub it on my forehead and down my face. I might need a second dab around my cheeks and that's it. My sister always complains that their moisturizers go to fast but I get a good 6 months or so out of them with the way I apply it. 

You may have noticed my Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 in the picture. Since LUSH doesn't do sunscreen in the US and I'm terrible about applying sunscreen to my face cause I hate the feel and it makes me break out like crazy I decided to try these out. I got it at Ulta (after searching for the link it looks like ULTA doesn't carry it any longer) its pricey but it lasts a while I don't know if I'll rebuy or just try and get over my sunscreen issues. This is an ultra thin, concentrated sunscreen that you can add into your moisturizer I will add a drop onto the moisturizer on my fingertips and rub them in together on my face. They seem to work cause I don't burn when I use it. 

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