Saturday, October 1, 2016

That New Guy at Work ... Who Totally Knows Everything

Omg so lately one of my jobs has been flooded with new people.  We usually only get a handful of new people at a time and then they are barely noticeable in how they are scheduled so they're totally absorbed into the operation and it doesn't cause too much of a problem.   But lately there's all these new folks who totally come from the same place and therefore their little squad is so cool and great that they don't have any of the trepidation and little bits of fear that people usually come over with realizing that this thing is a really big deal.   So they're not focusing or learning or growing just taking this area where I felt safe and comfortable and knew that no matter what my staff had my back and turning it into a total cluster.  And making those of us who do care have to be hypervigilant to cover for you not knowing anything or caring about anything so the operation doesn't suck.  And we're angry and frustrated and scared cause we look over and want things to happen to prove that you're a problem cause no one who can help fix the situation seems to be noticing.  Seriously no matter what it is that you do just do your job well to help out every one who is reliant on your job doing. 

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