Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Southwestern Rice Casserole

For dinner tonight I made a rice casserole that we have had as a family recipe for quite a while now.  We never really bothered with names or a whole lot of measurements so its interesting to type this up.  I love this dish because it is super easy, doesn't require a lot of work, or perfection and is ready in about a half hour.  And it packs well for lunch the next day. Scroll down for the ingredients list.

Prepare Rice-a-Roni according to package directions.  Then stir in a can of diced green chilies (note one time we discovered we had bought diced jalapenos by mistake and were like well ok it'll just be spicier.  No.  It doesn't work the taste is totally off and we enjoy spicy, double check that you are buying green chilies.)
Spread the rice mixture evenly into a round casserole dish.  I use a rubber spatula for this step.  You want to make sure the top is flattened out evenly as a base layer.
Top with a layer of sour cream.  (We buy our sour cream in a Costco sized tub so I just plop two big spatulas worth on top.) You want about a cup of sour cream, but vary according to taste the layer should be thick enough that you can spread it on top of the rice without the rice showing through.
Break your broccoli into smallish pieces, I went a little bigger than normal overcompensating for the fact that I usually go too small.  (If you like your veggies softer steam the broccoli briefly and drain before adding) Spread in a single layer over the top of the sour cream.  (Frozen broccoli will totally work for this as well)

Cover with a layer of shredded jack cheese.  (Queso quesadilla, mozzarella or any other white melting cheese can be substituted if Jack isn't easily available in your area we just always have a Costco sized brick of Jack in the fridge it gives it a nice flavor.
Bake in oven between 350 and 400 for 20 to 30 minutes.  I tend to make a side of chicken breasts (I tried something new and wasn't sure if it would be tasty so forgot to take pics) and or a bread like this delicious cornbread with it.  Since really we are just looking to melt the cheese, cook the broccoli and meld it all together its not too picky about time or temp, if your side is go with what really matters.  Either take it out when the cheese is melted or browned depending on how hungry you are. ;)

Works great as a main or a side dish.  I always waver between I want something else with this when I eat it as a main and oh why did I make all the food when I eat it as a side.  Enjoy.



1 box Chicken flavored Rice a Roni
1 can diced green chilies
apx 1 cup jack cheese
apx 1 cup sour cream
apx 1/3 head broccoli

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